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Information about Mercapesca Services

The MERCAPESCA portal provides access to the auctions in the markets associated with it and to buy remotely if you are registered user.
  • These markets are: 3 on the French Mediterranean, 14 Spanish and 1 Portuguese (Azores). You can see them in the 'Markets' section.
This system allows you to buy in several markets at the same time.
  • All the information on the batch to be sold is shown: vessel, species, freshness, size, presentation, quality, boxes, kilos and opening price at the auction. In addition to the photograph of the boxes.
  • The bids on each batch are made on the batches waiting to be sold. These bids compete with those of the buyers present at the market.
It also allows you to download or see the following by market and instantly:
  • See the prices of the day.
  • Download the purchase lists with the average purchase prices and traceability information.
  • Download those documents and invoices that the market publishes for its users (provided that the market has this service).
Our services include, if you require them:
  • Transport from the markets to Alcantarilla, MercaMadrid, MercaBarna or other destinations with regular service.
  • We also have a transport link to France and Italy.
  • The fish can be repackaged in polystyrene (Porexpan) boxes to avoid returning the plastic boxes in which the fish is auctioned.
  • If you want to buy in any of the markets associated with this portal, contact this market directly or, if you prefer, we can manage the registration.
Financial guarantee models used by the markets associated with this portal:
  • Standard: consists of depositing a bank guarantee at the market or making a deposit in cash.
  • Prepayment by means of bank transfer: the credit is obtained in 24 or 48 hours.
  • Prepayment by means of credit or debit card: this option allows you to make the payment minutes before the sale starts or during it.

To familiarise yourself with this system, we have a simulation auction which you can try out 24 hours a day.

The fish is invoiced and payment is made directly to the market (as well as the services and fees that are applicable to it). Mercapesca invoices its own services for access and, optionally, logistics and transport.

If you are a professional interested in purchasing the fish directly at the market, register to find out about our conditions. You can also access the markets that interest you in DEMO mode for a period of time (which is free and with no obligation).

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